Helping you bring hope to the world's most unreached people

We equip and mobilize church planters and missionaries to share the good news of Jesus Christ within the 10/40 window.


Bringing life and hope to those who are without God.

Our vision is to help see The Great Commission of Jesus Christ completed in this generation by training 300,000 national pastors and church planting missionaries to help generate Church Planting and Disciple Making Movements in 1,000 of the world's Unreached Peoples.

The Challenge

Reaching the unreached

  • Nearly three billion people have never heard the Good News about Jesus for the first time.
  • Each day 42,800 die without ever hearing the Gospel message
  • More than 7,000 entire ethnic groups are currently unreached with the Gospel
  • 70% of the world's unreached peoples live in the 10/40 Window area (North Africa, the Middle East, and Central, Southern, and Southeast Asia)

Our Work

Training National Workers for the End-time Harvest

Mission Catalyst trains national church planting missionaries to reach those who have not heard. From our inception in 2002, Mission Catalyst has conducted more than 2,300 Great Commission Equipping Trainings. Through them some 140,000 national leaders have been trained for more effective ministry among the world's least-reached peoples. Through their efforts more than 100,000 people have come to Christ.

With USA Master Trainers

In the beginning most of the training of national pastors and missionary church planters was done by USA Master Trainers. Now only a small portion of the training is done by USA trainers

With National Master Trainers

The vast majority of the training is now done though our 39 highly trained National Master Trainers. These trainers are doing a superb job of training workers in their own countries and in their own mother languages.

Areas of Emphasis

The training given to national pastors, evangelists, and church-planting missionaries concentrates on how to be more effective at evangelism, the discipling of new believers, how to birth daughter congregations, how to specifically target Unreached Peoples for church planting, and how to release more workers into the harvest.

Trainings held by Mission Catalyst Master Trainers
National pastors and church planters trained:
New believers confirmed:
New church plants confirmed:
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