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  •  28% of the world’s population have never heard the Good News about Jesus even once

  • Each day 42,800 die without ever hearing the Gospel message

  • More than 6,000 entire ethnic groups are unreached with the Gospel

  • 86% of the world’s unreached peoples live in the 10/40 Window area (North Africa, the Middle East, and Central, Southern, and Southeast Asia)       

The Challenge

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What We Do

Mission Catalyst International is an interdenominational missions organization with headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service and overseen by a knowledgeable and informed Board of Directors.

Our ministry is primarily equipping and mobilizing indigenous missionaries and church planters in the Majority World to more effectively evangelize, disciple, and plant churches among the least-reached peoples of the earth. Our passion is to help see this completed in this generation.



Conferences held by Mission Catalyst trainers:

National pastors and church planters trained:


New believers confirmed:


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Training National Workers

for the End-time Harvest

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Mission Catalyst trains national church planting missionaries to reach those who have not heard.

From our inception in 2002, Mission Catalyst has conducted more than 1,500 Great Commission Equipping Conferences and through them trained more than 120,000 national leaders for more effective ministry among the world’s least-reached peoples.

Signed commitments have been received from these national workers for the planting of some 500,000 churches and house churches and house in the 10/40 Window.

With USA Master Trainers

Much of the training of national pastors and church planters is done by Master Trainers (MTs) from the USA.  The national workers are given 30 hours of instruction in two, three-day conferences held six months apart.

With National Master Trainers

More and more of the training of national leaders is now being done through National Regional Master Trainers (NRMTs) in the Majority World who have been trained by Mission Catalyst personnel. We now have 27 NRMTs around the world who are doing a phenomenal job of training workers in their own countries.

Areas of Emphasis

The training given by both USA MTs and NRMTs from the Majority World concentrates on training national pastors and church planters to be more effective at evangelism, the proper discipling of new believers, how to birth daughter congregations, how to specifically target Unreached Peoples for church planting, and how to more effectively train and release workers for the harvest.



James R. E. 


With a recognized leadership and teaching ministry, James E. has been involved in training leaders, both nationally and internationally, for more than 30 years.  James has served as pastor, church planter, missionary, Bible College president, church executive and overseer of pastors and churches.


Ken W.

Director of Pastoral Training

Ken W. is a pastor and teacher with over 30 years of valuable experience in the ministry.   He did his formal studies at Southwestern Christian University in Oklahoma City and at Liberty Theological Seminary in Houston, Texas.


Dr. Gary C.

USA Master Trainer

Trainer for Mission Catalyst. With a recognized leadership and teaching ministry, Dr. Gary C. has broad experience as a Senior Pastor, church planter, seminar speaker and university professor. He regularly travels throughout the 10/40 Window training national leaders how to be more effective in ministry.


Pastor Darrel B.

USA Master Trainer

Senior Pastor of Springs of Praise World Outreach Center in Crystal Springs, Mississippi (USA) for more than 40 years. He is an outstanding preacher and teacher of God’s Word and is active in training workers for the harvest in Asia and the South Pacific region as a USA Master Trainer.


Mark & Verla B.

MCI Media and Web Master

IT and promotional specialists with Mission Catalyst.  Their work in website creation and maintenance, filming, development of internet training, and the creation of various promotional and marketing strategies are invaluable to the organization.


Richard W.

USA Master Trainer

Richard is a successful and experienced pastor and an excellent teacher of God’s Word from Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Richard has a heart for the world and regularly travels throughout the 10/40 Window,
training Kingdom workers. He serves as the Vice-President of MCI and oversees our work in Southeast Asia.



Testimonies from National Workers


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